• Features of UV resins

    Features of UV resins

    What is UV-curing resin? This is a material that ”polymerizes and cures in a short time by the energy of ultraviolet rays (UV) emitted from an ultraviolet irradiation device”.   Excellent properties of UV-curing resin Fast curing speed and shortened working time As it does ...
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  • Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing

    Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing

    The development of 3D printing technology in the future will be very broad and exciting. Here are some possible trends:   Aviation:   The aerospace and aviation industries were early adopters of 3D printing technology. It is no secret that the aerospace industry is a serious resear...
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  • What are the prospects of artificial intelligence?

    What are the prospects of artificial intelligence?

    Today’s artificial intelligence technology is undergoing rapid development, and the future development prospects are very broad. Here are some key aspects of the AI ​​landscape: 1. Automation: Artificial intelligence can replace humans to complete some repetitive, monotonous and dangerous t...
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  • Opportunities and challenges in the security industry

    2021 has passed, and this year is still not a smooth year. On the one hand, factors such as geopolitics, the COVID-19, and the shortage of chips caused by the shortage of raw materials have magnified the uncertainty of the industry market. On the other hand, under the wa...
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  • How to choose a night vision security camera

    How to choose a night vision security camera

    Whether you are looking for a color night vision security camera or an infrared outdoor security camera, a complete, well-designed system depends on choosing the best and most suitable night vision security camera. The cost difference between entry-level and high-end col...
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  • The intelligent boom is coming, what kind of security camera is the real ‘smart’

    Tracing the development history of security video surveillance, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, the security video surveillance industry has gone through the analog era, the digital era and the high-definition era. With the blessing of emergi...
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